Pest Control

Americhem offers pet and people friendly pest control for your home. The majority of pests enter the home from the exterior. Americhem offers a comprehensive program that targets pests where they live and breed. Initial treatment includes pet and people friendly products placed judiciously on the interior of the home inside wall voids, around plumbing structures, and in high traffic areas. Americhem then protects the exterior of the home by treating pests favorite entry points, baiting the exterior of the property while paying special attention to pest conducive conditions. Americhem follows integrated pest management procedures and eliminates the need for smelly sprays being applied to the interior of your home. In the event a pest does make entry into your home Americhem has you covered with our free call back service.

Americhem recognizes different families have different pest control needs and expectations.

Give us a call for your free in home inspection and to discuss which pest control program would be optimal for your specific needs.